What is the F-connector. Installing it on cable

To connect the RF cable to the receiver, an antenna, Diseko, and other devices used -konnektor F, shown in Fig. With the F - connector is easy and quick to connect the cable.

What is the F - connector (F)
The installation process F- Connector:
- Remove the top of the cable insulation at a distance of 15 mm, it will open a lot of single-core copper wires;
- This screen is folded stranded bus on the insulation and foil shield - remove;
-Full Version retreating from the edge of the cable 10 mm and remove the inner cable insulation, thereby freeing the central core;
- Central vein we clean the knife on top of the enamel, and cheat F-ku.
-Central Lived should act because of the F-ki to 2-3mm. The rest of the nitty gritty to crop.

Male ready.

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