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 Date → Tuesday, 28 January 2020

SAT list - Satellites List

As we know all the satellites in the sky are in their geostationary orbit about 35,000 km above the equator. Being in this orbit, each satellite in orbit around the planet with the angular velocity equal to the angular velocity of the Earth, and so it is always on the same point on the Earth's surface, the plane of which coincides with the equatorial plane of the Earth and is characterized by one coordinate - East (East ) or west (West) longitude. The order of the well-known satellites and the coordinates are given in Table - Satellite List . All satellites have their name and location coordinates
Name Pos. Band
ABS-6 159.0E C/Ku
Express-AM5 140.0E C/Ku
Express-AT2 139.9E Ku
AsiaSat 9 122.1E C/Ku
Bangabandhu 1 119.1E C/Ku
ABS-7 116.0E Ku
ChinaSat 10 110.5E C
SES-7/9 108.3E Ku
AsiaSat 7 105.5E C/Ku
Express-AM3 103.0E C/Ku
AsiaSat 5 100.5E C/Ku
ChinaSat 11 98.0E C/Ku
G-Sat 9 97.3E Ku
Express-AM33 96.5.0E C/Ku
SES-8/12 95.0E Ku
G-Sat 15/17 93.5E C/Ku
MeaSat 3/3A/3B 91.5E C/Ku
Yamal 401 90.0E C/Ku
ST-2 88.0E C/Ku
Chinasat 12 87.5E C
KazSat 2 86.5E Ku
Horizons-2 / IS-15 85.0E Ku
G-Sat 10 - Insat 4A 83.0E C/Ku
Thaicom 5/6/8 78.5E C/Ku
Apstar-7 76.5E C/Ku
ABS-2/2A 74.9E C/Ku
G-Sat 7/18 74.0E Ku
Intelsat 22 72.1E C/Ku
Eutelsat 70B 70.5E Ku
Raduga-1M 70.0E C
Intelsat 20 (IS-20) 68.5E C/Ku
Intelsat 17 66.0E Ku
Amos 4 65.0E Ku
Intelsat 906 64.2E C
Inmarsat-5 F1 62.6E Ka
Intelsat 902 62.0E C/Ku
ABS-4 61.0E Ku
WGS-2 60.2E Ka
Intelsat 33e 60.0E C/Ku
KazSat 3 58.5E Ku
NSS-12 57.0E C/Ku
Express-AT1 56.0E Ku
G-Sat 8/16 55.0E Ku
Yamal 402 55.0E Ku
Express-AM6 53.0E Ku
Al Yah 1 52.5E Ku
TurkmenAlem/MonacoSat 52.0E Ku
Belintersat 1/ChinaSat 15 51.5E C/Ku
NSS-5 50.5E C
Turksat 4B 50.0E Ku
Yamal 601 49.0E C
Afghansat 1 / Eutelsat 48D 48.1E Ku
Al Yah 2 47.6E Ku
Intelsat 10 47.5E Ku
AzerSpace 1 / Africasat-1A 46.0E Ku
AzerSpace 2 / Intelsat 38 45.1E Ku
Blagovest 1 / Cosmos 2520 45.0E C
NigComSat-1R 42.5E Ku
Turksat 3A/4A 42.0E Ku
Express-AM7 40.0E Ku
Hellas Sat 3/4 39.0E Ku
Paksat 1R/MM 1 38.0E C/Ku
Name Pos. Band
Athena-Fidus 37.8E Ka
Sicral 2 37.0E Ka
Eutelsat 36B/36C (AMU1) 36.0E Ku
Eutelsat 33E 33.1E Ku
Intelsat 28 32.9E Ku
Astra 5B 31.5E Ku
Hylas 2 31.0E Ku
Arabsat-5A/6A 30.5E C/Ku
Astra 2E/2F/2G 28.2E Ku
Badr-4/5/6/7 & Es'hail-1&2 26.0E Ku
Badr-4/5/6/7 26.0E Ku
Es'hail-1&2 25.5E Ku
Astra 3B 23.5E Ku
Eutelsat 21B 21.5E Ku
Arabsat-5C 20E C/Ku
Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N 19.2E Ku
Eutelsat 16A 16.0E Ku
Hot Bird 13B/13C/13E 13.0E Ku
Sicral 1B 11.7E Ku
Eutelsat 10A 10.0E C/Ku
Eutelsat 9B 9.0E Ku
Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A 9.0E Ku
Eutelsat 7A/7B 7.0E Ku
Astra 4A/SES-5 4.8E Ku
Eutelsat 3B 3.1E C/Ku
Rascom QAF 1R 2.8E C/Ku
BulgariaSat-1 1.9E Ku
Intelsat 10-02 - Thor 5/6 0.8W C/Ku
ABS-3A 3.0W Ku
Amos 3/7 4.0W Ku
Eutelsat 5 West A 5.0W C/Ku
Eutelsat 7WA / Nile 201 7.0W Ku
Eutelsat 8 West B 8.0W C/Ku
Express-AM44 11.0W C/Ku
WGS-3 12.0W Ka
Eutelsat 12 West B 12.5W Ku
Express-AM8 14.0W Ku
Telstar 12 Vantage 15.0W Ku
Intelsat 37e (IS-37e) 18.0W Ku
NSS-7 20.0W C/Ku
SES-4 22.0W C/Ku
Intelsat 905 24.5W Ku
AlcomSat 1 24.8W Ku
Intelsat 907 27.5W C/Ku
Hispasat 30W-5/30W-6 30.0W Ku
Intelsat 25 31.5W Ku
Intelsat 903 31.5W Ku
Hylas 4 33.5W Ka
Intelsat 35e 34.5W C/Ku
Hispasat 36W-1 36.0W Ku
NSS-10 37.5W C
Telstar 11N 37.5W Ku
SES-6 40.5W C
Intelsat 11 43.0W Ku
Intelsat 32e / Sky-B1 43.2W Ku
Intelsat 14 (IS-14) 45.0W C/Ku
SES-14 47.5W Ku
Intelsat 23 53.0W C
Inmarsat-5 F2 55.0W Ka
Intelsat 34 55.5W Ku
Intelsat 21 58.0W C/Ku
Amazonas 2/3/5 61.0W Ku
Telstar 14R 63.0W Ku

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