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Welcome to the website of satellite TV - SATTVINFO.NET

Sait Satellete TV Digital Satellite TV has long proved its superiority over other sources of transmission and reception of information, images and sound, thereby gaining unprecedented popularity among telematics and radio listeners. The main role in this was played by the quality of the signal, the availability of the installation anywhere in the continent, regardless of the TV tower, a sufficiently serious noise immunity, as well as service services. Nevertheless, progress does not stand still, on the contrary, it develops at an accelerated pace, improving the parameters of the transmitted signal, images. New standards of signal transmission are introduced, the transponder transmission capacity, the density of the transmitted TV channels are increased. New formats of image and signal coding are being invented, information and service are being increased. In connection with this and a number of other reasons (competition, market value, energy resources, rent of transponders, etc.), satellite TV is in the post development, correction and change. Once you turn on the satellite receiver (receiver) you can find out that there is a new TV channel in the place of your favorite TV channel or there is no signal from the transponder at all. Therefore, you should always have up-to-date information on the transponders and frequencies of satellite TV and radio, keep track of transponder and satellite news. On our site you can find up-to-date information on modern digital Satellite TV and Radio, the Internet is available for reception in Europe and Asia. The
In sections there is a lot of information about Geostationary satellites, the signal from which it is possible to receive if there is appropriate equipment. The pages of our website provide information on transponders, frequencies and channels, coding standards and signal decoding. Also there is information about the equipment: Satellite antennas, convectors, receivers (tuners), information on installation and adjustment of satellite dish and equipment. Particular attention is paid to the coverage areas of satellites. these data must be taken into account when choosing a satellite, buying TV packages, channels, and ensuring a confident reception.
To quickly and efficiently obtain information on the site, sections with relevant content are provided, briefly we will stop on them:

Section Satellites. This section contains a list of satellites organized in the order of the satellites in the orbit of the sky from East to West. Satellites are distributed according to their degree positions. Clicking on the link of the satellite - the page with the table of parameters, transponders and frequencies, satellite TV and radio channels will open.

Section TV Package. In this section, the information is presented in a tabular form, where the name of the satellite and the TV package is displayed, clicking on the link opens the description of the composition of the selected TV package. Table TV package consists of the name of the package, the list of transponders, channels, encoding in which the TV packet is encoded

Section HD Channels , Ultra HD Channels contain data on the placement of satellite TV channels in Ultra HD and HD, are coding system signal transmission formats, format recording and playback.

Section Coverage Maps presents you with a graphical map satellite reception areas in various parts of the world, the power of the signal,beam direction, beam satellite and other information

Section Sat Receivers contains information about satellite tuners, receivers, their settings and firmware. Here you can download the firmware to your satellite receiver, find the necessary software for editing channels, frequencies and transponders

Section Installation of satellite TV informs you how you can choose the equipment for reception yourself (antennas, convectors, multifids, Diseqc) and view (tuners, televisions, set-top boxes) of satellite TV and Radio, how to choose the place for satellite TV reception, install and configure the satellite dish

Information on the site is constantly changing and updated, watch for changes!

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