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Satellite TV coverage maps, satellite coverage areas

Name Pos. Band
Express-AM5 140.0E C/Ku
ABS-7 116.0E Ku
SES-7 108.2E Ku
AsiaSat 7 105.5E C/Ku
Express-AM3 103.0E C/Ku
AsiaSat 5 100.5E C/Ku
Express-AM33 96.5E C/Ku
NSS-6 95.0E Ku
Insat 3A/4B 93.5E C/Ku
Yamal 401 90.0E C/Ku
ST-2 88.0E C/Ku
Chinasat 12 87.5E C
KazSat 2 86.5E Ku
Horizons-2 / IS 15 85.0E Ku
Insat 4A 83.0E C/Ku
Express-AM2 80.0E C
Thaicom 5/6 78.5E C/Ku
Apstar 7 76.5E C/Ku
ABS-2 74.9E C/Ku
Insat 3C/4CR 74.0E C/Ku
Intelsat 22 72.1E
Eutelsat 70B 70.5E Ku
Intelsat 20 (IS-20) 68.5E C/Ku
Intelsat 17 66.0E Ku
Amos 4 65.0E Ku
Intelsat 906 64.2E C
Intelsat 902 62.0E C/Ku
Intelsat 904 60.0E Ku
WGS-2 60.0E Ka
KazSat 3 58.5E Ku
NSS-12 57.0E  
Express-AT1 56.0E Ku
G-Sat 8/16 55.1E Ku
Yamal 402 55.0E Ku
Express-AM6 53.0E Ku
Yahsat-1A 52.5E  
TurkmenAlem/MonacoSat 52.0E Ku
Yamal 202 49.0E C
Eutelsat 48A 48.2E Ku
Afghansat 1/Eutelsat 48D 48.0E Ku
Intelsat 10 (IS-10) 47.5E Ku
AzerSpace 1 46.0E Ku
Intelsat 12 (IS-12) 45.0E Ku
Turksat 2A/3A 42.0E Ku
Express-AM7 40.0E C/Ku
HellasSat 2 39.0E Ku
Paksat 1R 38.0E C/Ku
Eutelsat 36A/36B 36.0E Ku
Eutelsat 33A 33.2E Ku
Eutelsat 33B/33C 33.1E Ku
Intelsat 702 32.9E Ku
Name Pos. Band
Intelsat 28 32.9E
Astra 5B 31.5E Ku
Hylas 2 31.0E Ka
Eutelsat 31A 30.8E Ku
Arabsat-5A 30.5E C/Ku
Astra 2E/2F/2G 28.2E Ku
Badr-4/5/6 26.0E Ku
Eutelsat 25B / Es'hail-1 25.5E Ku
Astra 3B 23.5E Ku
Eutelsat 21B 21.6E Ku
Arabsat-5C 20.2E C/Ku
Astra 1KR/1L/1M/1N 19.2E Ku
Amos 5 17.0E C/Ku
Eutelsat 16A 16.0E Ku
Hot Bird 13B/13C/13D 13.0E Ku
Sicral 1B 11.8E Ka
Eutelsat 10A 10.0E C/Ku
Eutelsat 9A 9.0E Ku
Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A 9.0E Ku
Eutelsat 7A/7B 7.0E Ku
Astra 4A / SES-5 4.8E Ku
Eutelsat 3B 3.1E Ka
Rascom QAF 1R 2.8E C
Intelsat 10-02 - Thor 5/6 1.0W C/Ku
ABS-3A 3.0W Ku
Amos 2/3 4.0W Ku
Thor-3 (incl. 0.9) 4.3W Ku
Eutelsat 5 West A 5.0W C/Ku
Eutelsat 7WA/8WB, Nile 201 7.0W Ku
Eutelsat 8 West A 8.0W Ku
Express-AM44 11.0W C/Ku
Eutelsat 12 West A 12.5W Ku
Express-A4 14.0W Ku
Telstar 12 15.0W Ku
Intelsat 901 18.0W Ku
NSS 7 20.0W C/Ku
SES-4 22.0W C/Ku
Intelsat 905 24.5W Ku
Intelsat 907 27.5W C/Ku
Hispasat 1D/1E 30.0W Ku
Intelsat 25 31.5W C/Ku
Hylas 1 33.5W Ka
Intelsat 903 34.5W C/Ku
NSS-10 37.5W C
Telstar 11N 37.5W Ku
SES-6 40.5W C/Ku
Intelsat 14 (IS-14) 45.0W C/Ku
NSS-806 47.5W C/Ku
Intelsat 1R (IS-1R) 50.0W C/Ku
Intelsat 23 53.0W C
Coverage Map gives a graphical projection of the satellite signal is distributed antennas to the territory of land, and because the characteristics of the emitted signal is not linear, then the characteristics of the signal and its level should be studied on the map to cover a particular satellite. These maps are also gradations of signal in areas away from the center of radiation. Choosing diameter satellite dish installation, you need to follow coverage map for the desired satellite, determine the coverage and coverage area for your antenna diameter. Since the signal is represented in decibels, then you must use the tables to determine the appropriate diameter of the antenna, which will provide confidence, and it would be uncomfortable to watch TV programs.
The table below zavisimotsey diameter satellite antenna on the signal strength in dB, providing reliable reception of satellite broadcasts for Ku-band (left) and C-band (right). Convectors reception with different characteristics ratio, it should be taken from the passport convector

Table determine the diameter of satellite receiving antennas depending on the signal power Ku-band

Ku Band
50 dBW
49 dBW
48 dBW
47 dBW
46 dBW
45 dBW
44 dBW
43 dBW
42 dBW
41 dBW
40 dBW
39 dBW
38 dBW
50-60 cm
55-65 cm
60-75 cm
65-85 cm
75-95 cm
85-105 cm
95-120 cm
105-135 cm
120-150 cm
135-170 cm
150-190 cm
170-215 cm
190-240 cm

Table determine the diameter of satellite receiving antennas depending on the signal strength C-band.

C Band
41 dBW 40 dBW 39 dBW 38 dBW 37 dBW 36 dBW 35 dBW 34 dBW 33 dBW 32 dBW 31 dBW 30 dBW
90-115 cm 100-125 cm 115-145 cm 125-160 cm 145-180 cm 160-200 cm 180-225 cm 200-255 cm 225-285 cm 255-320 cm 285-360 cm 320-400 cm

Table for determining the diameter of satellite receiving antennas depending on the power of the Ku-band signal.

Table for determining the diameter of satellite receiving antennas depending on the signal power C-band.

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