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Globo 4100C
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GLOBO receivers with remote
Firmware ALI3329C_globo_fta_amstar_emu_1.3.35 29-Jul-2010 firmware emulator with support for encoding and twin protocol Downloads
Firmware ALI3329C_globo_fta_amstar_emu_1.3.53 26-Nov-2010 firmware emulator with support for encoding and twin protocol Downloads
Firmware ALI3329C_globo_fta_amstar_emu_1.3.69 18-Feb-2011 Downloads
Firmware ALI3329C_globo_fta_amstar_emu_1.4.03 of 09-Dec-2011 Downloads
Firmware globo_05000200_3329C_MCAS_1.2.82_AMSTAR_EMU of 22-Jun-2009 Downloads
Firmware globo_3329C_EMU_1.2.85_AMSTAR
from 08-Sep-2009
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Dump 4100s with support Tricolor 1.4.39
Loader 1.0.6 of the 03-2013
Dump 4100s 01.04.42 Tricolor and a list of channels
Loader 1.0.6 on 03/28/2013
Dump 4100s 01.04.44 Tricolor and a list of channels 4W, 4.8E, 13E, 36E
Loader 1.0 .6 on 20-05-2013
Dump 4100s 01.04.45 Tricolor and a list of channels 4W, 4.8E, 13E, 36E
Loader 1.0 .6 on 20-05-2013
The loader firmware and Editor channels ALI tools 3329B & 3329C Downloads
Restore receivers Globo 4100C with interface Jtag Downloads
scheme receiver
Globo 4100C
Upgrade-tools-1.07 - software for firmware loader Satellite Receiver Globo 3000-6100 Downloads
Upgrade-BY-SOIRNET -PRogrammadlya change the firmware to an earlier version at the satellite tuner and Globo 4100C clones Downloads
Globo 7010A
Software (SW) 1.4.19 for Globo7010A (original) with the keys on 05.02.11 < /font> Downloads
Dump from madi For Globo- 7010A and clones. -soft- 1.4.19.AMSTAR. Downloads
to dump Globo 7010A and clones 3 satellite 4w-4.8e-13e Downloads
For Globo- 7010A and clones. -soft- 1.4.21 7 satellites Downloads
Dump for Globo 7010A and clones - (Ali3329B) on 6 September 2012 < /td> Downloads
Dump GLOBO 7010A .Startrack 550D Super Plus and clones 3329B. Firmware 1.4.08.Trumen. Loader 1.1.2. Downloads
truman EMU 1.4.19 Dump for GLOBO 7010A and clones (4W-4.8 ° E-13E-75E + 39E ) Downloads
Dump for Globo 7010A (3329V) 9.08.2010 truman EMU 1.4.25 Downloads
Dump firmware originals and fakes on the Chinese popular satellites from 14.10.12. Downloads
program bootloader for flashing satellite receiver Globo 7010A Downloads
scheme receiver
Globo 7010A
GLOBO - settings, firmware receiver Globo, channel editor for Globo

Firmware tuners GLOBO 4100 and its clones (ORTON 4100 C, Opticum 4100 C, Digital Box 4100 C)

Firmware from the tuner to the tuner:
Preparations for flashing: Both tuners are disconnected from the mains. Turning off all the cable (television, antenna)
1. Take the null-modem cable, and interconnect the RS 232 two devices: a receiver which will be a process called firmware presenter receiver which will be called the process of updating the slave.
2.Podklyuchaem leading tuner to your TV and turn on the TV tuner card and a leading network. We wait until SMS "no signal".
3. The network includes a slave tuner. On the TV screen we see posts:

Update mode PROGRAM + code
Collecting version information.
Compare slave report ....
Transferring data ...

The flash will be displayed in the form of a filling line. After filling the bars to 100% do not rush off the outfit, the process of firmware is not yet fully made, waits 1-2 minutes until the message "success", it means the process of firmware is completed successfully! Also, there is a set of tuners basically clones in which to start the firmware log in leading tuner menu, go to "Software Update" and the phrase "Update mode" press "Start". After that, it turns on the slave tuner. If the version Programs- loader does not match the receiver flash method "from the tuner to the tuner," chances are you neudastsya and sew slave tuner you will have with a computer.

Firmware receivers GLOBO 4100 C and computer replacement boot version

1. Connect the null-modem cable, after turning off the computer from the network and the tuner.
2. Turn on your computer, load
3. On your computer, prepare all the necessary software and firmware, you can download them from our website
4. Open the program to sew ALI tools 3329B & 3329C
5. Select Serial Port (com 1) - the port is connected to the receiver, may be another
6. Select in the window Mode Satting - "Upgrade".
7. Push the button "Browse".
8. In the Files of Type Select "All Files".
9. Select a file prepared by the firmware and click "open".
10. In the window "Upgrade Type" Select "allcode + bootloader" option is recommended, as we change the boot loader and the main program code.
11 clicks on the button "Next".
12. Turn the tuner on the network. After filling out the indicator by 100% and after receiving the message "Program upgrade finished successfully" turn off the tuner, unplug the power cord.

Satellite receivers line Globo are among the most widespread and popular throughout the world thanks to the compactness, practicality and its cheapness. Due to this they have a good support among software developers, and you can always find the latest version of firmware for a particular receiver and the desired task. Some of these firmware - firmware is on Truman.

program loader for Globo

To fill in the receiver firmware, channels and key, there are several programs, one of which Upgrade tools 1.0.7 , running it choose the file or firmware dump program select Download software.

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