Receivers General Satellite - Setup, firmware General Satellite, the editors of the channel

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General Satellite
yellow book. (subtitles)
Firmware GS 7001s under sharinga
version 3.99.102
Firmware emulator for
receivers GS 7001s version 3.99.111
Dump for receivers GS 7001s
several satellites 4-5-13-75 on 30-09- 2012
program to flash
Burner_Setup receivers GS 7001s
Edit channel settings
keys editor_1_0_85_beta
Firmware fta7001_kingstone with lists of channels Sirius, Amos, Hot Bird Downloads
cs2emu- program edit keys Downloads
Receivers General Satellite - Setup, firmware General Satellite, channel editor

Firmware tuners GS FTA-7001S (shifts)

To flash tuner GS FTA-7001S, change the software, update the software, change the Loader, you must use the program keys Burner_Setup.exe, in addition to the flashing process itself, which will be described below, it is necessary to prepare the necessary files on your computer, which can be downloaded from this page above.

program loader for GS 7001s

So the files you have prepared, start updating the software:
1. First turn off the SAT tuner and a computer from the network
2. interlink cable to connect them
3. After turn on the computer and wait for a full load.
4. Run the already installed program Burner.exe
5. The interface of the program we press the button (Open File) and select the firmware file (name proshivki.UPG).
6. Next, click the button (Upload) and turn on the tuner GS FTA-7001S network.
7. Once the process starts, we expect successful completion -nadpis (Completed).
8. After that, everything is turned off, disconnect the cable, connect to a TV tuner and antenna Enjoy watching!

Adding and editing keys in tuner:

Add keys to the receiver in two ways: either with the remote or using the computer.
- With the remote press yellow button (subtitles) and enter 1981, then fall to the editor and edit keys.
- Using a computer program and cs2emu:
1. Download the file softcam.key
2. Run the program cs2emu, choose fresh softcam.key file in a new window we press the button "Add Platform" and enter 4.0, we press OK. File keys.upg created.
3. When the file keys.upg prepared, it must be downloaded using Burner
4. Turn off the computer, connect the cable tuner and a PC, load computer
5. Run the program Burner.exe, open the "Open File" file keys.upg
7. Then we press "Upload", include a tuner in a network.
8. wait for the update key - the inscription "Completed", turn off the equipment and pull out the cable - the process is complete.

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