Receiver Tiger Z460 - settings, firmware, channel editors

Characteristics of Tiger Z460:

• Processor: Sunplus 1512
• Internal Memory: 8M
• Tuner: Eardatek
• RAM: DDR2 128
• Dvb-s2
• Standards support: SD/HD (MPEG2/MPEG4 H.264), DVB-S, DVB-S2
• DiSEqC Control Version 1.0; 1.1; 1,2/USALS
• Memory up to 10,000 channels (TV and radio)
• VFD display with channel names.
• Fast switching between channels
• Easy to create their lists of favorite channels
• Electronic Programme Guide - EPG
• Multi-language menu
• Support for subtitles on the screen
• The "Protection of childrenป
• Software update via USB and LAN ports
• PVR - for configuration and recording/playback
• album
• Video recording and playback
• Supported formats playable files: jpg, bmp, gif, mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mpg, avi, 3gp, mkv, mp4, mov, ts, m2ts, dat, vob .
• LAN port
• Support for external Wi-Fi adapter. WiFi included!
• Support for 3G modems
• View Youtube
• Software update via FTP
• Network remote control (for android devices) download apk


firmware Description Date
V3735_GPRS_TIGER_Z460-Z500-Z850-Z900_VFD_TG.rar The new version of 15.11.2016
V3574_GPRS_TIGER_Z460-Z500-Z850-Z900_VFD_TG.rar The new version of 01.12.2014
V3456_GPRS_TIGER_Z460-Z500-Z850-Z900_VFD_TG.rar The new version of 21.12.2013

Update receiver Tiger Z460 with USB-menu

1. Log in to the USB-menu and find the file with the software (data key)
2. Press OK and confirm software update
3. After the upgrade, reboot the receiver.
Warning !!! Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB flash drive during the upgrade process. This may cause damage to the device.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To open channels BISS coding, you must activate the menu patch (emulator). Standing on any channel you need to press F1 + 000
Then you can add the necessary keys with the remote. The editor is in the MENU -> Settings -> menu Patch .

Function Keys

F1 + 000: Emulator on/off
F1 + 111: Selecting UART
F1 + 222: Ident list with the possibility of manual binding
F1 + 333: Manual input constant CW
F1 + 444: Manual entry key
F1 + 147: Editing keys
F1 + 555: IP Settings
F1 + 666: Plants server
F1 + 777: Auto IP
F1 + 999: Motor settings

Receiver Tiger Z460 - settings, firmware, channel editors

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