Receiver Tiger X80 HD/Tiger X90 HD- settings, firmware, channel editors

Tiger X80 HD - super cheap receiver released by Tiger. It is a modern device with top performance is not inferior to the new models from other manufacturers in the market of television technology. A distinctive feature of Tiger X80 is its modest cost and excellent functionality.
On Tiger X80 HD package is: output for USB 2.0 in a single copy, antenna input, HDMI, RS232 connector, analog outputs for audio/video. All of these are behind, and there is the power switch.
Model X80 Cloths Tiger HD model is considered to be the younger brother of Tiger HD 4050, though it was found out later. It differs from the Tiger Tiger X80 Cloths HD 4050 HD that is made in a space-saving package of plastic (Tiger HD 4050 is made in the iron body), has the latest processor GUOXIN GX6605 with a clock frequency of 600 MHz.

Characteristics of Tiger X80 HD:

Standards support: SD/HD (MPEG2/MPEG4 H.264), DVB-S, DVB-S2
DiSEqC Control Version 1.0; 1.1; 1,2/USALS
Memory up to 10,000 channels (TV and radio)
LED display with channel number.
Fast switching between channels
Easy to create their lists of favorite channels
Electronic Programme Guide - EPG
Multi-language menu
The "Protection of children
Software update via USB
PVR - for configuration and recording/playback
Video recording and playback (when the USB drive is connected)
Supported formats playable files: jpg, bmp, gif, mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mpg, avi, 3gp, mkv, mp4, mov, ts, m2ts, dat, vob .
Support for external Wi-Fi adapters
Front panel "Tiger X80 HD"
VFD display
menu control buttons
Rear panel "Tiger X80 HD"
NB IN, for connecting the cable from the satellite dish;
DV-OUT digital audio and video output (HD);
VIDEO, AUDIO L, AUDIO R, analog composite video outputs and audio for connection to analogue television sets;
HDMI, the interface with digital audio and video, to connect to your TV, ensures maximum image and sound quality;
Port USB 2.0, USB port (1 pc)
RS-232 service port with serial data transmission, for trained service engineers and technical staff and is not recommended for use by the receiver owners;
ON/OFF switch, the power to issue 90-240 V 50/60 Hz on the receiver.

Tiger X90HD - a follower of the popular model receiver Tiger X80HD, who was one of the first to show a low price at the "normal" version of HD receiver. Tiger X90 HD unlike the X80 HD has gained a solid metal body, received support PowerVu, but lost Dolby Digital. New supports all popular encoding when you change the software to the user via a USB external drive. Tiger X 90 HD runs on a high-performance processor GUOXIN GX6605S, has a built-in power supply and plays all popular media formats from a USB drive.


firmware Description Date
TigerX80HD_V1_14.rar The new version of 13.01.2016
TigerX80HD_V1_13.rar The new version of 29.12.2015
_Chanels_TigerX80HD_GX6605_Amos_Astra_HB_EutelsatW4.rar Channel list 07.12.2015
Tiger_X90-HD_V2_01.rar The new version of 07.11.2016
Tiger_X90-HD_V1_07.rar The new version of 24.10.2016
2016_07_Chanels_TigerXx0HD_AmosAstraHB_W4.rar Channel list 07.2016

Update receiver Tiger X80 HD with USB-menu

1. Log in to the USB-menu and find the file with the software (data key)
2. Press OK and confirm software update
3. After the upgrade, reboot the receiver.
Warning !!! Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB flash drive during the upgrade process. This may cause damage to the device.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To open channels BISS coding, you must activate the menu patch (emulator). Standing on any channel you need to press F1 + 000
Then you can add the necessary keys with the remote. The editor is in the MENU -> Settings -> menu Patch .

Update the channel list and the keys

To update the list of channels and keys, you need to insert the flash drive into the USB port of the receiver, enter the menu Advanced -> USB, select the file or key channel list, press the OK button on the remote control, and agree with this operation .
1. Enter the USB menu of the receiver (USB button on the remote control)
2. Press the YELLOW button on the remote control to save the channel list or keys and select "Upload channel list" or "Unload the keys." Channel list will be saved to a file with the extension "* .sdx", and key in a file with the extension "* .key"
3. To update the channel list and press OK key on the desired file in the USB-menu.
4. At the end of the upgrade process, you may need to restart the receiver, which will be requested in the pop-up window.
The letters in the column on the left to save after the letters to select OK.

Function Keys

F1 + 000: Emulator on/off
F1 + 111: Selecting UART
F1 + 222: Ident list with the possibility of manual binding
F1 + 333: Manual input constant CW
F1 + 444: Manual entry key
F1 + 147: Editing keys
F1 + 555: IP Settings
F1 + 666: Plants server
F1 + 777: Auto IP
F1 + 999: Motor settings

Receiver Tiger X80 HD/Tiger X90 HD- settings, firmware, channel editors

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