The receiver TIGER NOVA HD - settings, firmware, channel editors


• Standards support: SD/HD (MPEG2/MPEG4 H.264), DVB-S, DVB-S2
• DiSEqC Control Version 1.0; 1.1; 1,2/USALS
• Memory up to 10,000 channels (TV and radio)
• LED display with channel number.
• Fast switching between channels
• Easy to create their lists of favorite channels
• Electronic Programme Guide - EPG
• Multi-language menu
• Support for subtitles on the screen
• The "Protection of childrenป
• Software update via USB
• PVR - for configuration and recording/playback
• Video recording and playback (when the USB drive is connected)
• Supported formats playable files: jpg, bmp, gif, mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mpg, avi, 3gp, mkv, mp4, mov, ts, m2ts, dat, vob .
• LAN port
• Support for external Wi-Fi adapters
• Support for 3G modems
• View Youtube
• FTP (download PO, setting, and media files on the external media
• Weather Ukrainian cities
• E-mail client
• Google Maps
• Grooveshark
• Front panel
• Receiver NovaHD made in a compact body, in contrast to his predecessor Tiger T6HD. On the front panel you can see the LED display, indicators for power and signal presence, the IR port, the power button and switch channels.
Under the hinged panel located:
- USB port for connecting USB devices. Supported WiFi adapters, 3g modem. It can be used for firmware upgrades and receiver settings, as well as for playback of multimedia files.
- Universal card reader to install the access card. The receiver easily copes with official cards XtraTV, Tricolor TV, Raduga TV


firmware Description Date
Nova_HD_16657.rar The new version of 22.08.2016
Nova_HD_15307.rar The new version of 18.12.2015
Nova_HD_14071.rar Attention! Return down the impossible! 27.05.2015
NOVA_HD_V1_09_13576.rar version V1.09 22.01.2015
Tiger Nova HD Channels (4W-4.8-13-36-75E) On the basis of software - 1.09. 15307 15.08.2016
softcam_2016_10_22_.rar Softcam 22.10.2016

Update with USB-menu software on Nova HD

1. Download the firmware from our website and razpakovyvaem
2. At the request to download files with lists of channels
3. Save them to a USB drive.
4. Go to the menu of the receiver, the buttons CH +/CH- go to expand the menu and press the OK button
5. Next you will proceed to the "extensions" sub-menu. Select USB and press OK button

6. Select the firmware file (with the extension .bin) file, and then click OK. Begin the process of updating software.
7. After the upgrade, reboot the receiver.
8. If necessary, fill the channels and keys, repeat the steps above with .sdx files (channels) and .key (keys)
Warning !!! Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB flash drive during the upgrade process. This may cause damage to the device.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To open channels BISS coding, you must activate the menu patch (emulator). Standing on any channel you need to press F1 + 000
Then you can add the necessary keys with the remote. The editor is in the MENU -> Settings -> menu Patch


F1 + 000: Emulator on/off
F1 + 111: Selecting UART
F1 + 333: Manual entry key
F1 + 147: Editing keys
F1 + 555: IP Settings
F1 + 666: Plants server
F1 + 777: Auto IP
F1 + 999: Motor settings

Instead, you can use F1 as "PAGE +" button

The receiver TIGER NOVA HD - settings, firmware, channel editors

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