The receiver TIGER 4100 HD - settings, firmware, channel editors

Description TIGER 4100 HD:

• Tiger 4100HD - an inexpensive HD satellite receiver for the reception of TV and radio channels DVB-S/S2 standard.
• Issued to replace the 4050HD models, developed on the new processor Ali 3510A.
• The main advantage of Tiger 4100HD -. Its low price
• To reduce the cost of the receiver with Lan connector has been removed, but to connect to a local network or the Internet, you can use an external USB Wi-Fi adapter.
• At the same time Tiger 4100HD functional capabilities are not inferior to more expensive models.
• Equipping the receiver is quite modest, but it contains all the necessary switching connectors.
• The front panel, in addition to the navigation buttons, the power button and status indicator, together currently four seven-segment display.
• On the rear panel are located compact satellite antenna input, service the RS-232 connector, USB and HDMI interfaces, audio-video connectors for analog connections and the power switch.
• Connect the receiver to your TV, you can use the digital HDMI or analog RCA outputs.
• The HDMI will provide maximum image quality with 1080p output resolution.
• The satellite receiver Tiger 4100HD has a built-in media player with support for major audio and video formats.
• Also on the receiver, you can view pictures from an external USB drive.

Technical Specifications Tiger 4100HD:

• Support for standards: DVB-S, DVB-S2 .
• Support for digital coding standards: MPEG2, MPEG4/H.264 .
• protocols DiSEqC version 1.0; 1.1; 1,2/USALS.
• Memory up to 10,000 channels (TV and radio).
• LED display with channel number.
• Fast switching between channels.
• Easy to create their lists of favorite channels.
• Electronic Programme Guide - EPG .
• Multi-language menu.
• The "Protection of childrenป.
• Software update via USB.
• PVR -. For configuration and recording/playback
• Video recording and playback (when the USB drive is connected).
• Supported formats playable files: jpg, bmp, gif, mp3, ogg, flac, wav, mpg, avi, 3gp, mkv, mp4, mov, ts, m2ts, dat, vob. Support for external Wi-Fi adapter.


Software Description Date
TIGER 4100 HD_V2.08.rar The new version of 10.01.2016
TIGER 4100 HD_V2.16.rar The new version of 12.07.2016
STBEditor TIGER 4100 HD.rar Edit Channels TIGER 4100 HD 10.02.2016
Tiger 4100 HD (4W-4.8-13-75-90E) .rar Channel list (4W-4.8-13-75-90E) 25.10.2016
softcam.rar softcam 25.10.2016

Update receiver TIGER 4100 HD with USB-menu

1. Download the firmware file TIGER 4100 HD_V2.16.rar from our site
2. Extract (unzip) and get TIGER 4100 HD_V2.16.bin file
3. Copy it to a USB flash drive, then insert into shleshku tuner (receiver)
4. Log in to the USB-menu and find the file with the software (data key)
5. Click OK and confirm software update
6. After the upgrade, reboot the receiver.
Warning !!! Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB flash drive during the upgrade process. This may cause damage to the device.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To open channels BISS coding, you must activate the menu patch (emulator). Standing on any channel you need to press F1 + 000
Then you can add the necessary keys with the remote. The editor is in the MENU -> Settings -> menu Patch .


F1 + 000: Emulator on/off
F1 + 111: Selecting UART
F1 + 333: Manual entry key
F1 + 147: Editing keys
F1 + 555: IP Settings
F1 + 666: Plants server
F1 + 777: Auto IP
F1 + 999: Motor settings

Instead, you can use F1 as "PAGE +" button

The receiver TIGER 4100 HD - settings, firmware, channel editors

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