Receiver Sat-Integral TH-7200 PVR - settings, firmware, editors channels

Features Sat-Integral TH-7200 PVR:

Ethernet output
Smartcard UniCAM
USB 2.0 interface
Record, Background Record and Playback Video
Time-Shift function (time shift)
Scheduled Recording
Play music and view photos
Games USB-drive
Compatible with MPEG-2 Digital and DVB-S
SCPC /MCPC reception from C /Ku band satellites
Supports DiSEqC 1.0 /1.1 /1.2 /1.3 (USALS), 22KHz, Auto DiSEqC
High Sensitivity QPSK-tuner and demodulator
"Blind Search
Superb graphics OSD menu
8 favorite groups and Parental Control
Multi-PIP functions and Real PIP
Quick EPG for 7 days with a timer function
Support Teletext 800 pages
Ultra-fast on /off the receiver
damping function when switching channels
Timer functions
Support 20 Audio PID (Language)
Multi-language menu (Russian, Ukrainian, English, etc.)
S /PDIF digital optical output audio
SCART connector for TV
CVBS /RGB outputs and support PAL /NTSC /SECAM systems
PLL RF- Modulator UHF 21 ~ 69 with PAL B /G, I, D /K
Protection against overvoltage LNB
Updating the software and settings through the USB and RS232 ports


firmware Description Date DRE AU 2013.08.05 Tricolor emu (AU fix) 2013.03.01 JSC Al Jazeera 2013.01.11 G-Share2 fix 2012.11.19 Support for new cards Tricolor 2012.07.18 Channel Editor 2009.08.27
TH-7200 loader software, settings and key lists. It also allows you to save settings and a list of the keys on the PC. 2008.07.28

Update receiver

1. Extract the file from the archive NxpRom.bin;
2. Create a folder named "files" in the root directory of the USB-drive (with the file FAT /FAT32 system) and copy the file NxpRom.bin (You need to get the path USB_DISK: /files/NxpRom.bin)
3. Insert the USB-drive in the receiver and then restart it (from the wall outlet or a toggle switch on the rear panel)
4. The upgrade process starts automatically. During the update the unit can restart. It's okay, do not disconnect it from the mains or remove the USB-drive!
5. After the update the receiver to boot to the operating mode.
P.S. If successful, the update file in the "files" directory will be renamed NxpRom11.bin. For the next update, you need to rename back in NxpRom.bin. This can be done by means of the receiver.

Update the channel list or the keys

1. Enter the USB menu of the receiver (USB button on the remote control)
2. Press the YELLOW button on the remote control to save the channel list or keys and select "Upload channel list" or "Unload the keys." Channel list will be saved to a file with the extension "* .sdx", and key in a file with the extension "* .key"
3. To update the channel list and press OK key on the desired file in the USB-menu.
4. At the end of the upgrade process, you may need to restart the receiver, which will be requested in the pop-up window.

Using the menu patch

To turn on /off the menu Patch while on any channel (closed menu), type F1-000 with the remote control. The screen will display "On Emu." or "Emu off."
Patch Editor menu is in the MENU -> Setup -> Patch menu
you can use a simplified method for editing or BISS keys CONSTANT DW:
Being on the encoded channel, press the rocker PAGE-DOWN on the remote control. To change /add BISS key then press the RED button, CDW - BLUE button.
To edit additional BISS or CDW options keys on the menu patch, click on the desired key F1 button on the remote control.

Wired Network Setup ETHERNET

To connect to a wired network to the receiver built network card with RJ-45 connector on the rear panel.
Leaving the receiver knows only through the NAT network. (Must be enabled on your router or PC)
Connect the receiver to a local network or the Internet, enter the menu Advanced -> Network Settings -> IP Setting .
If your network runs DHCP-server, you can get the required settings from it. To do this, press the BLUE button on the remote control. The receiver at the same time to restart.
To every time you boot the receiver received the settings from DHCP-server, using the GREEN button, the remote control, set to DHCP in the "Enabled.


F1-000 Enable /Disable the emulator
F1-111 Menu sharinga Additional
F1-333 (servistnoe) menu
F1-555 Network Setup (for Ethernet CSC mode)
F1-666 Server (for Ethernet CSC mode)
F1-777 Auto IP (for Ethernet CSC mode)
F1 + INFO Log for Ethernet CSC modes and NEWCS ECM
F1 + SAT analogue of the TV /SAT button on the remote controls of other
F1 + ZOOM Large signal range

Receiver Sat-Integral TH-7200 PVR - settings, firmware, editors channels

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