Receiver Sat-Integral T-820 - settings, firmware, channel editors

Features Sat-Integral T-820:

High performance
MPEG-2 & DVB full compatibility
Multi LNB control by DiSEqC 1.0,1.2,1.3 (USALS)
SCPC /MCPC reception from C /Ku-Range satellites
High Sensitivity QPSK-tuner and demodulator
Digital tuner with loop
Output 0 /12V Out
SCART and composite video output to 3hRCA
CVBS /RGB video output
PAL /NTSC /SECAM Conversion
TV screen resolution (4: 3,16: 9) Resolution Forward: Vertical (V) 570, the horizontal (H) 750
4-digit, 7-segment display LED
Convenient on-screen menu with all functions
Easy search and customization with an audible signal effect
Multi-language menu (English /French /Spanish /Germany /Turkish /Italiano /Arabic /Persian /Russian /Ukrainian)
Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for 7 days
Features Multi-PIP, PIP, ZOOM
Supports super fast Teletext 800 pages and embedded VBI body text
8 favorite groups and function "parental lock
100 Satellites, 6000 Channels and 4000 transponders
Ultra-fast on /off the receiver
ZOOM (zoom), Freeze Frame, and multi function timer
Large scale when searching signal
Group travel channel function
4 types of sorting channel functions
Protection against overvoltage LNB
Updating the software and settings through RS232 with support for USB-RS232 converter


firmware Description Date
T-820 / DRE AU 2013.08.05
T-820 / Tricolor emu (AU fix) 2013.03.01
T-820 / JSC Al Jazeera 2013.01.11
T-820 / Removed restart on channels XTRA TV 2012.06.02
T-820 / Video format, TNTSAT 2012.05.18 Channel Editor 2009.08.27 loader software, settings and key lists. It also allows you to save settings and a list of the keys on the PC. 2010.04.16

Update Sat-Integral T-820

1. Connect the receiver to a PC via the RS232 cable
2. Turn the power on the rear panel of the receiver
3. After loading the receiver, press the power button on the front panel of the receiver
4. On the receiver's display will show the time (or -: -) and the receiver will be in standby mode
5. Run the update
6. Select the COM-port that is used for this procedure in the section "Select port"
7. Select the check value Download S /W or Download Data to update the software or channel lists, respectively.
8. Click 'Open'dlya select the desired file, ie File '.bin' or '.sdx'.
9. Press the Start button
10. The receiver will start the update process, which will be displayed in the upgrade program, and on the front panel.
11. Wait until the front panel appears -End
12. Turn off the receiver and turn on for new software
Note: The receiver provides the function of the emergency software update. It is used in the usual way if the receiver can not be upgraded. To use this mode instead of the action items should be 2,3,4, hold down the front POWER button to turn on the receiver's power. Hold down the button for 2-3 seconds after the power supply, it is necessary to let go and make sure that the receiver is lit boot display. Then continue the upgrade process.
Warning !!!: Do not turn the receiver on the network during the upgrade process. This can seriously damage your receiver.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To turn on /off the menu Patch while on any channel (closed menu), type F1-000 with the remote control. The screen will display "On Emu." or "Emu off."

Receiver Sat-Integral T-820 - settings, firmware, channel editors

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