Receiver Sat Integral S-1223 HD Rocket- settings, firmware, editors channels

Features Sat-Integral S-1223 HD Rocket:

Compact housing 220x40x145 mm
Modern high-performance dual-core processor Ali3511 (2h600 MHz)
Ultra-fast for HDTV-receiver channel switching
Multi card reader UniCAM
Simultaneous recording (two) and play (third) gear
USB 2.0 interface with support for WiFi / 3G adapters
RJ-45 Ethernet connector that supports network functions and applications
Support for multiple media formats
Supports FAT, FAT32 and NTFS USB-disk formats or USB-HDD
Excellent image quality with the release of HDMI
Output resolution: 480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p_50Hz, 720p_60Hz, 1080i_50Hz, 1080i_60Hz, 1080P_24Hz, 1080P_25Hz, 1080P_50Hz, 1080P_60Hz
Digital coaxial audio output
RS-232 port for additional functions
Full support for DVB-S / DVB-S2 (MPEG-2 / MPEG-4 / H.264)
SCPC & MCPC reception with Ku / C band satellites
Controlled by DiSEqC 1.0 / 1.1 / 1.2 / 1.3 (USALS), Auto DiSEqC
blind Search
multisatellite, network, hand, mnogotransponderny search.
Supports PAL / SECAM / NTSC
Memory: 100 satellite channels and 10,000
8 favorite groups
Parental Control
Support for multi language menu (Russian, Ukrainian, English, French, Greek, Italian, Arabic, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish, German, Hungarian)
Channel sorting by multiple parameters.
Convenient function group transfer channels, the history of return (RECALL)
The dual-mode program schedule for 7 days (EPG)
Software upgrades through USB / FTP / RS232.


firmware Description Date A new version of 2016.04.21 Warning! Return down the impossible! 2015.12.02 The new version of the software 2015.08.19 The new version of the software 2015.07.17 The new version of the software 2015.06.18
TRANSITION_UPGRADE Transit software version to upgrade to 3.47 and above 2015.06.02 The new version of the software 2015.06.02 Channel Editor 2014.04.08 boot loader 2015.12.30

Update receiver Sat-Integral S-1223 HD Rocket with USB-menu

1. Log in to the USB-menu and find the file with the software (data key)
2. Press OK and confirm software update
3. After the upgrade, reboot the receiver.
Warning !!! Do not disconnect the power or remove the USB flash drive during the upgrade process. This may cause damage to the device.

Activate the menu patch (emulator)

To open channels BISS coding, you must activate the menu patch (emulator). Standing on any channel you need to press F1 + 000
Then you can add the necessary keys with the remote. The editor is in the MENU -> Settings -> menu Patch .
For quick editing BISS keys can use the simplified method, when being on a coded channel in BISS, press the PAGE-DOWN button on the remote. To change /add BISS keys, press the GREEN button.

Update the channel list and the keys

To update the list of channels and keys, you need to insert the flash drive into the USB port of the receiver, enter the menu Advanced -> USB, select the file or key channel list, press the OK button on the remote control, and agree with this operation.
1. Enter the USB menu of the receiver (USB button on the remote control)
2. Press the YELLOW button on the remote control to save the channel list or keys and select "Upload channel list" or "Unload the keys." Channel list will be saved to a file with the extension "* .sdx", and key in a file with the extension "* .key"
3. To update the channel list and press OK key on the desired file in the USB-menu.
4. At the end of the upgrade process, you may need to restart the receiver, which will be requested in the pop-up window.
The letters in the column on the left to save after the letters to select OK.

Function Keys

F1 + 000 Enable /Disable emulator
F1 + 111 Menu sharinga
PAGE + UP /F1 + 222 ECM List
PAGE + DOWN /F1 + 333 current key editor
F1 + 555 Configuring network
F1 + 666 Server Configuration
F1 + 777 Auto IP
F1 + 999 Quick motor menu
F1 + INFO log shura

Receiver Sat Integral S-1223 HD Rocket- settings, firmware, editors channels

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