Receivers Eurosat /Eurosky - settings, firmware, editors channels

Emulator Description Links
processor Ali 3329C
ALIMUPG610 - loader software (firmware receivers Eurosky-8004 Super) with convenient features for changing the firmware , loader, the channel list, the list of keys and stuff. Downloads
Ali Editor DB3 UA - the editor of channels (TV, radio, favorite lists) and satellites to receivers processor Ali 3329C, the program allows a PC in a convenient way to edit channels, satellites, favorite lists, save them to your hard drive and write into the receiver. Downloads
ALIMUPG52 - loader software (firmware receivers Eurosky-8004 Super). < /td> Downloads
ALL_KE_ALI_ST -redaktor keys receivers Eurosat DVB-8004Super with the ability to save to your hard drive Downloads
EJTAG_TT_1.0.6.12 -For recovery receiver processors Ali M3329B /M3329C Downloads
EJTAG_TT_1.0.6.14 -Recovers tuners Evrosat (Eurosat) 3023 (3329V) Evrosat ( Eurosat) 3023 Super (3329S) with Jtag Downloads
inst_giveio The driver for the operating system
Windows XP
Instructions for changing the software in the receiver Evrosat (Eurosat) 3023 (3329V) Evrosat (Eurosat) 3023 Super (3329S ) Downloads
Firmware Evroskay DVB-8004 Super from 05_2011 supports booting keys and Twin Protocol Downloads
Firmware Evroskay DVB-8004 Super from 10_2011 supporting Twin Protocol, the emulator keys Downloads
Firmware for Eurosat /Eurosky DVB-8004 Super from 10.05.2010 from 15.07.2010 All Viaccess smartcard should work, Sharing & Morebox issues fixed.
beta from 2.09.2010 Supports the latest GUIs from 05.11.2010 Official Firmware on 14.12.2010 fixed TNT smartcard
DVB-3023 (8004)
processor Ali 3329B
ALI-UPG3 - A program to download firmware to the satellite receiver Eurosat (Eurosky) 3023 (8004) Downloads
Upgrade-Key -Zagruzchik keys in satellite receiver Eurosat (Eurosky) 3023 (8004) Downloads
DAMP-3329B -Damp firmware on 5 popular satellite channels from 11.08.2012 Downloads
chan-3329B-no-fav -A list of channels to receivers Eurosat (Eurosky) 3023 (8004 ) on 05.03.2012. Downloads
CAS-data-16.01.12 - keys to view private channels from 16.01.12 Added Channels the "2 + 2" and "SD Ukraine" and others. Downloads
Receivers Eurosat /Eurosky - settings, firmware, editors channels

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